A-Week-In-The-Life of GypsyPrime: Salaam from Brunei

Neither a luxury traveler nor a backpacker, Prime Sarmiento considers herself a “value-for-money” traveler. She splurges on the things she loves (yoga sessions, a clean and safe room with its own bathroom, healthy eats), and she scrimps on things she can’t be bothered with (gadgets, shopping, airfare). A veteran business journalist, Prime sometimes travels for work, sometimes for leisure, and sometimes just to enjoy the gift of solitude.

Frockstar™: Prime Sarmiento of Gypsy Gals

Name: Prime Sarmiento Age: 37 and looking forward for my forties! Location: Manila Online homes: Blog // Twitter // Facebook Favorite Karina dress: I’d actually like to order the Daisy dress, but I think it’s not available at the moment. What are your every day, must-reads, online or off? 1. Any cozy mystery novel – as this relaxes me. I especially like the Monk series, Alexander Mccall Smith’s First Ladies Detective Agency series and Joanna Fluke’s culinary mysteries. 2. Online new