Love and light in a ‘happiness’ farm

Puerto Princesa City—I went all the way to Palawan just to renew my passport. Anyone who had a hard time getting a passport here in Manila would probably understand why I had to resort to this. The extra expense and the inconvenience annoyed me. That was my initial reaction. But I refused to let this inconvenience control my mood. So, instead of whining about this “injustice,” I reframed my mindset, and transformed this “enforced” vacation into an opportunity to visit Bahay Kalipay.

A School where Agent Orange isn't Friendly

In a special school located about 11 kilometers south from the Hanoi city center, over 100 students are undergoing vocational training. Apart from learning how to read, write, and count, the students are also taught to embroider, sew blouses, and make decorative plastic flowers. These students need to learn vocational skills which will hopefully help them to set up a small business as they’re not likely to get traditional employment after “graduating” from this school.

Climate-friendly Philippine city of Puerto Princesa lures ecotourists CCTV News - CNTV English

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, the Philippines, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- In this western Philippine city, being a climate-friendly city makes good business and environmental sense. From introducing electric-powered vehicles to leading the zero- carbon resorts campaign to maintaining a large forest cover, officials and the private sector of Puerto Princesa city are committed to keep its carbon emissions low while at the same time promote a more sustainable tourism industry.

Ketsana Signals Need for ‘No Regrets’ Adaptation Plan

Typhoon Ketsana, which swept into the Philippines and left hundreds of people dead and massive devastation in its wake, should serve as a wake­up call to the government. The tropical storm that battered the Southeast Asian country on Sep. 26 underscored the country’s vulnerability to strong cyclones and must spur the government to launch a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan, according to Charlotte L. Sterret, global adviser for climate change adaptation to Oxfam.

What’s swimming in your soup? | Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

SO WE may not be as avid seafood-eaters as the Okinawans. But we live in an archipelago bordered by the South China and Celebes seas and the Pacific Ocean, after all, so seafood is part and parcel of our daily lives. The Philippines is among the world’s biggest fish producers, netting over four million tons in 2006. It is also a major fish exporter, hauling in over $500 million annual export revenue. The fishery industry employs nearly two million people and is among the main drivers of the coun