Giving a new twist to an old restaurant

WHEN this writer commented that Tien Hsing Vegetarian Restaurant reminded her of an Australian café, restaurant manager Daphne Chong replied that one of their clients, an expat, made the same observation. The 13-year-old eatery in Menglait might be known for serving Chinese vegetarian cuisine but its interiors - which include wooden chairs paired with bistro tables, a chalkboard listing the restaurant’s beverage selection and watercolor-based paintings on the wall - have that Melbourne hipster café vibe.

Even in Singapore, Pinoy artists are bankable

SINGAPORE — Twelve years ago, Francisco ‘Kiko’ Escora was already happy when a painting of his fetched P3,000 at an exhibit in Manila. But today Escora must be ecstatic; his works are being snapped up not only in his home country, where they now average P70,000 a piece, but also in places like Singapore, where Escora paintings are bought for S$4,000 each, or a cool hundred grand based on a P30:S$1 conversion.